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The Floral Affair

The Floral Affair
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Some styles of clothing benefit from a dash of sass. Take, for example, the floral gown.

In the summer, I Love me a floral dress. But who doesn’t? It’s is a timeless classic. Women covered in daisies and roses, in blowsy painterly blossoms, or carpeted in ditsy sprigs can be found in any office, university, or park.

The Floral Affair

But it’s not a platform sandal or hoop earrings that go best with a floral outfit. It’s a tongue that’s tucked inside one’s cheek.

The difference between appearing like a Sally Rooney character off to a steamy assignment in the park and looking like the Countess of Wessex preparing to open a garden with the right flora.

The implications of wearing a floral dress are a little more subtle. However, seeing around almost in almost every country you will find a floral dress in the summer wardrobe. It is indeed fashion that can bring us together. But one needs to do it right.

As when you or I wear a floral dress, it only takes a tiny shift in energy to signal that you’re nodding to homemade-jam-at-the-fete rather than dressed for the occasion.

It doesn’t matter how old you are if you want to look trendy in florals. Consider 100-year-old fashion innovator Iris Apfel, who was recently pictured wearing a riot of yellow and purple with multicolored pansies, a string of beads the size of eggs, thick bangles, and her trademark owl-eye sunglasses.

Floral affair

But it’s undeniable that the further one gets from having plausible Rooney main-character energy – which is exactly what we’re going for in our floral dresses, right? – the more it’s necessary to emphasize that a flowery calf-length dress is being worn in a spirit of enjoyable but lighthearted nostalgia rather than because we’re stuck in a period-drama time warp.

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