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Shalwar Kameez Design Trends To Elevate Men’s Style

Some styles are always in fashion, no matter the trend of the day, year or decade; masterpieces like shalwar kameez never fail to turn heads.

Shalwar Kameez represents the powerful outlook of the “desi” Pakistani man and we are all for it! While holding cultural importance as the national dress of our country it is also the most comfortable attire serving both casual as well as formal looks depending on your styling niche.

To top it all, not heavy on the pocket either, one pair of a classic shalwar kameez in your wardrobe can get you through many occasions just got to be creative and that’s what we are here for. 


Let’s start with the basics, don’t want to get into the demanding world of designs? These monotones got you covered. A chic pair of basic shalwar kameez with a little bit of creativity here and there, an embroidered pocket or a classy cufflink can be a statement on its own. With unique brands like “Wear Manto”, exploring this area the world of monotone shalwar kameez has seen a recent revival in the fashion enigma. 


While monotones could offer a range of palette from vibrant mustard to an earthy tone like khaki, a plain white ensemble is the most charming of all. That sharp looking all white combos is a style statement all in itself, if paired with a contrasting waistcoat or even a cultural “chaadar” it only adds to the appeal.


A little playing around never hurt nobody! If you are someone who goes the extra mile for their look, who is willing to think out of the box and is always one step ahead of the fashion regime, this is your calling. Shalwar Kameez can be turned into a canvas as well, start experimenting with prints, colors or even creative embroidery designs or even patchwork. While florals are often restricted to the women’s fashion world the summer of 2021 garnered the attention in men’s style as well.

SFK bridals men

Designers like SFK bridals were seen incorporating block printed kurtas in their groom collection carried gracefully by the heartthrob Fawad Khan. A hot pink silk kurta with gold embellishments is highly recommended for your next big winter wedding, especially vibrant in that morning sunlight. 


Now let’s throw it back a little, its humbling to stick to your roots you know. Are you a sucker for period dramas? Do you think you were born in the wrong era and would rather spend your evening writing letters in the balcony or having a chai session over poetry at Pak tea House? Then you must be aware of the centuries old “Lucknow” style often gracefully carried by our ancestors especially pre partition.


The Lucknow style is a basic round neck kurta with straight trousers or a “choori daar” most often complemented with a pair of Kohla Pori sandals. The revival of our culture is a common trend in the modern day fashion and bringing back this poetic attire is the next best thing, you can always check out Manto Sahib’s styling for a Lucknow look inspiration. 


Oh the heartthrob in itself and the typical winter look: a plain black shalwar kameez with a gracefully adorned skin shawl. That’s it that’s the fit! Now that the perfect weather is here we are soon going to be bombarded with the Qawali Night season paired with Winter weddings and trust us when we tell you no other shalwar kameez has ever gained the supremacy of a classic black no matter how hard it tried, so go get yours right now and grab that ajrak if you may and add some color to the laid back fit as well. 



Although shalwar kameez is comfortable on its own but if you want to achieve the highest supremacy level of comfort you have to get your hands on a Peshawari style, that baggy shalwar and a collared kurta won’t have you gasping for air even at the end of a tiring day. This design trend is also a versatile prospect, serving both casual and formal looks. 



It’s unfortunate how we have replaced our business world formal attire with a suit when in fact a waist coat even over a casual wear shalwar kameez gives you the extra edge for a professional meeting. Politicians are often seen representing the country in this traditional yet professional look. Waistcoats add the colors on the otherwise blank canvas that is a shalwar kameez, so make sure that canvas represents who you are!


A laid-back plain waistcoat put over subtle attire would be perfect for the traditional one while a funky embroidered waistcoat over a classic trouser kurta can be the mehndi look that elevates the adventurous ones dance moves. 


A crossover, if you may, a design trend where east meets west and we are not complaining; after all we are all for peace and harmony too. While prince coats can be carried in casual outfits as well but these are exceedingly recommended as formal wedding wear, this shalwar kameez design trend is a royal look.


It is now a trendy groom’s wear as well; a cream shalwar kameez with an embellished prince coat adorned by the groom making an entrance on a horse is nothing short of a dreamy fairy tale. Come on guys, if your wedding is up in the talks give your bride the dream entrance she deserves. 


All work and no play do make Jack a dull boy! But we won’t let you be boring just yet, there so much to play around with. Without a doubt Shalwar Kameez is not just a design trend but an entire vibe in itself and its time to elevate that with some touchup here and there.

You can always stand out from the crowd with just that extra touch of a perfectly paired shoe style, Peshwari chappal for that baggy shalwar or a Kohla Pori for your Lucknow while classy loafers for that wait coat look are what define your creative fashion statement. Not just that, how about some classy cufflinks?

A royal marble stone cufflink adorned by you will no doubt be the talk of the town! Don’t shy away and grab that funky muffler or a cultural chaadar or better yet that pakol and head out with the confidence your outfit just gave you and strike a power pose. 

The fashion scene within Pakistan is experiencing a serious revival of the cultural attire, shalwar kameez in the men’s style category. Especially since renowned designers like Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, Ali Xeeshan and known brands like Bonanza or J. have started serving extremely creative looks and design trends to elevate men’s style. So don’t miss out and push that refresh button on your wardrobe to get the new update!

By Sara Hussain

Sara Hussain is a 22 year old who believes to have been born in the wrong era. But she is powering through by relying on the magic of words which help her travel through all times. A psychology student by profession, she is always on a journey towards self discovery with a keen interest in poetry and spirituality.

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