Merium Pervaiz Wearing Sowears is The Daily Styling Inspiration

Merium Pervaiz wearing Sowears is the daily styling inspiration
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Merium Pervaiz is a very well-known influencer and the love she receives from the girls and the influence she has on them is something no other influencer has. Today Merium Pervaiz took to her Instagram to post two new looks wearing Sowears and it is the perfect solution to your everyday outfit problem. The simple minimal and chic dresses from Sowears are what every girl needs to rock their everyday look. 

Merium parvez photoshoot in sowears

The first one Merium is wearing is MAYDAY IN DAFFODIL FLORALS. It is a white puffed-shoulder dress with lace detailing and a rope-styled neckline. The floral white dress is perfect for hangouts and daily looks of going to colleges and universities. 

Merium parvez white floral dress

 The second one Merium is wearing is NOVA GREEN EMBROIDERED DRESS the green long frock with sprinkled embroidery on it. The cotton dress with embroidery on the front and back and the frilled bottom is giving an unmatchable chic look. This is perfect for get-togethers giving a cool and funky look. 

Sowears is known for its casuals and the comfort and style these clothes have are unmatchable and worth spending money on. So, if you are looking for something casual yet super stylish Sowear is what you need to visit. 

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