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Merium Pervaiz modelled for Rayseen footwear

Merium Pervaiz
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Merium Pervaiz is a well-known Instagrammer, influencer and YouTuber. She’s known for her beauty tips and fashion advice and people follow her a lot.

She has a great influence on young girls and inspires them a lot. Merium posted her photos posing in a summer dress with different shoes for Rayseen, a footwear brand. 

Merium Pervaiz

Merium posed with a white pair of shoes with a golden motif on them, which you can wear with any summer colourful outfit. The second one is black and white patterned shoes with a golden clutch on them. They look decent and can go with any western wear or traditional ones as well. 

The third ones are the skin brown plain shoes with pointed ends and skin clutch on them. They are simple and go with your daily wear perfectly.

The fourth one is the red pointed shoes with a golden clutch goes perfectly with skinny jeans or trousers.  The shoes are perfect to complete your summer looks perfectly in an elegant way. 

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