Mahira Khan Shined Bright On Maula Jutt Premier

Mahira Khan Shined Bright On Maula Jutt Premier
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“The legends of Maula Jutt” has finally been released after a very long wait and the wave of excitement is unreal. The movie just got released on 13 October and before that, there was the star-studded movie premier.

Mahira Khan as the lead actress in the movie not only attended the premier but shined bright looking breathtaking and owning the event. Mahira Khan posted a reel grooving in full swag wearing the blinky red dress by Faraz Manan.

The blinky dress is complemented by soft glowy makeup by Marama Azmat whom Mahira Khan mentioned in her post appreciating her. The makeup is going perfectly with the dress and the overall look is worth praising.

Mahira Khan

Mahira wore gold loop earrings adding a soft touch to the look. These amazing earrings are from Kiran’s fine jewelry. They have an amazing collection of jewelry for you to go and check out.

The hair is tied from the front in a pony tail and is half open. The hair is adding more to the soft look of the actress for the night complementing the dress.

So, if you want to rock this look too, you can go and check the stuff online and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

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