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Kayseria Has A Flat 15% Off on SUMMER-II 2022

Kayseria Summer Sale
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Kayseria established by the SEFAM group has always been fashion lovers’ favorite brand and if you are one of them, we have great news for you.

If you also adore the quality and the prints, they bring from all over the world under one roof and want to have them in your closet, wait no more.

The wait is over as Kayseria is having a sale of FLAT 15% off on all the items in their store. 

Their unstitched range has several collections like Summer II-22, Summer I -22 and separates where they have a wide variety of daily wear, embroidered and printed unstitched 1-piece 2-pieces, and 3-piece suits.

Source: Kayseria
Source: Kayseria
Source: Kayseria
Source: Kayseria
Source: Kayseria

You can buy whatever suits your preferences and liking with having 15 % off on every item.

Link to Kayseria Summer Sale Online Shop

Their stitched wear also has everything from daily wear shirts, to three-piece suits both in the embroidered and printed collections.

Their luxury embroidered collection is on sale too. So, if you want to refresh the wardrobe with some cool ready-to-go pieces, just visit them.

Their “LADLI” collection for your little princess and the luxury embroidered wear for the festive collection is also on sale. So, celebrate the season of colors with Kayseria and refresh your wardrobe now.  

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