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Gigi Hadid Modeled for Guest in Residence new Spring Drop

Gigi Hadid in pink
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Gigi Hadid is the top model in the world and her beauty and talent are impeccable. When Gigi models for some brand there is no doubt about the quality and the style.

Gigi Hadid reading a book

She recently posted photos from the latest collection launched by the knitting brand Guest in Residence and she looks nothing less than an angel. 

Gigi Hadid in pink

Gigi wore a pink set from the CORE COLLECTION of the basics from Guest in Residence. The shrunken pink polo shirt has a collar with three buttons. It is knitted with premium cashmere which is imported from Mongolia.

Gigi Hadid wearing pink outfit

The extra lightweight fabric is so comfortable that you won’t feel anything on your body. It is intended to fit women of every size perfectly. Paired up with ink shirts are ‘everywear pants’, knitted with cashmere and are lightest on the body.

Gigi Hadid Modeling in pink

Gigi styled it with a brown scarf tied on her head, soft makeup and open hair. The collection is live for you to shop now.

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