Farhan Saeed posted the photos from his and Hania’s viral shoot

Farhan Saeed posted the photos from his and Hania’s viral shoot
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Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir have received immense love in the past few months for their characters Hamza and Hala. The drama just ended a few weeks ago but the craze is still on.

The couple was so much talked about on the internet and people are shipping it so much. After the drama ended Maha’s photography posted a glimpse of the couple shooting together and it was instantly all over the internet and the craze was real.

Then there came the long shoot treating our eyes every day from Mayon to Waleema in Maha Wajahat Khan clothing brand. This bridal campaign called Ranjha is launched now and is worth praising.

‘Farhan Saeed posted the photos in every look from the shoot and the grooms should take inspiration. From gold sherwani for Barat, golden and white for Nikkah to white kurta and orange waistcoat, Farhan Saeed rocked all the looks perfectly.

Farhan praised Maha’s photography for beautifully capturing the moments. The bridal collection is trendy and is the perfect combination of traditional and modern silhouettes. For today’s wedding, this collection is perfect to give a contemporary touch yet keep the tradition alive.

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