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Erin Holland wears same desi dress Kate Middleton wore on Pakistan tour

Lahore – Erin Holland, who is a commentator in Australia and has been attending HBL PSL 7, is very fond of Pakistani’s traditional dresses. Recently she wore the same dress that Britain’s Duchess Kate Middleton wore when she came to the tour of Pakistan.

kate middleton wearing shalwar kameez
Kate Middleton wearing a dress from Khadija Shah during her tour in Pakistan

Khadija Shah who is the owner of clothing brand Elan in Pakistan, designed the dresses for Kate Middleton during her visit to Pakistan and Kate did appreciate and loved the dresses a lot. She showed her gratitude  for Khadija Shah for arranging a stunning and beautiful dress collection for her tour.

Now Erin Holland was seen wearing the same dress during a match in Pakistan. She went to twitter to share her stunning dress and it received a lot ok likes and shares from people all over Pakistan.

Erin Holland shared her thoughts about Pakistani dresses by saying, “A lot of people think I am a local now!” Holland added. “I do bring my own clothes from Australia when I come here, of course. But I am obsessed with Pakistani designers and their clothes. They’re so beautiful, the work is so intricate.”

“I get so much feedback whenever I share my desi looks on Instagram. I love how people reach out and share suggestions on new brands, designers I can try out,”.

HBL PSL has really become a way to promote a positive and lively image of Pakistan and it is helping people appreciate Pakistani culture all over the world.

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