Chinyere Clothing Brand

Brand: Chinyere

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Country: Pakistan


The brand has a strong basis with a trusted background and the SEFAM being its parent company which is a very renowned textile industry, Chinyere carried the legacy of producing the supreme quality and trendy clothes for today’s era women. Starting in 2000, the brand has evolved and grown so much in the past 2 decades. The brand has always kept up with the latest trends and happening changes in the fashion industry and has always been the one to adopt the changes and fulfill the demands of its customers. The brand has outlets in every other city in Pakistan and with more than 80 outlets nationwide it is providing fashion lovers with the best. The online store and the social media accounts are allowing people to shop while sitting in their homes and get the dress delivered without any problem. Chinyere has an immense range of collections for every woman of any age or any profession. The unstitched printed collection is very reasonable and very light to wear making you feel light and easy doing your everyday chores. The ‘Prints’ stitched collection is the heaven of hues and designs that make you wonder that you have entered the world of colors and pleasure. The elegantly stitched printed suits are a lifesaver and keep your fashion game up wherever you go, you leave an impression. The ‘Formals’ collection is available in 1 piece, 2 pieces, and suits range from a wide variety of embellished and embroidered dresses for any festival or event you are looking forward to. The ‘Bottoms’ collection allows you to buy bottoms and ghagras to complete any look. Chinyere has never disappointed its customers and that is how it has earned the place in the market that it has now.

Founded in 2000 by Seema Aziz and Hamid Zaman, Chinyere is a sister brand to Bareeze with SEFAM being their parent company. Chinyere believes that the warrior women deserve something that shows their fierce beauty and gives them confidence and comfort wearing whatever they choose.