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Merium Pervaiz modelled for Rayseen footwear

Merium Pervaiz is a well-known Instagrammer, influencer and YouTuber. She’s known for her beauty tips and fashion advice and people follow her a lot. She has a great influence on young girls and inspires them a lot. Merium posted her photos posing in a summer dress with different shoes for Rayseen, a footwear brand.  Merium […]

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Best Footwear Brands for Women in Pakistan

Imagine a perfect look for an event and picture yourself wearing your favorite dress and accessories. Now imagine wearing an un-matching pair of shoes that aren’t going with the dress, yes you imagined it right, it will ruin the whole look. That’s exactly why wearing a perfect trendy and comfortable pair of shoes is so […]

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Top 10 Shoe Brands In Pakistan

With winters just around the corner, you must be wondering about the top shoe brands in Pakistan. Well, worry no more! We bring to you a list of the top 10 shoe brands in Pakistan that have taken up the fashion world by storm. The amazing quality, trendy and comfortable design of this footwear is […]