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Best Pakistani Female Fashion Designers

The Fashion Industry in Pakistan has tremendously grown over the years. The culture of Pakistan is diverse, and the designers in Pakistan are fusing their creativity with contemporary designs while reflecting the cultural diversity of Pakistan.

The most exciting thing about Pakistani designers is testate successfully combines international fashion trends with our traditional ones.

Top Female Fashion Designers in Pakistan in 2022

Currently, Female fashion designers are taking the lead in the Pakistan fashion industry.

Here is our list of best five Pakistani Female designers making proud of their fashion sense, creative and elegant designs, and using vibrant color palettes.

Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan

She started as a luxury brand in 2007. Saira Rizwan is one of the most prominent names in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Her trademark is her high fashion aesthetic and fusion of eastern wear with bridal, contemporary, and fusion modern wear.


Seemal by saira rizwan
Source: Saira Rizwan

Persian Rose

Persian Rose by Saira Rizwan
Source: Saira Rizwan

She launches her extensive collection of bridals and formal and semi-formal dresses each year. A couple of years back, she entered the regime of unstitched lawn collection and revolutionized the concept of luxury lawns for women.

Click to see Saira Rizwan’s whole Bridalwear Collection

NARGIS SR-04 – Price: Rs.9,950.00

Nargis Lawn by Saira Rizwan
Source: Saira Rizwan

BULBUL – Price: Rs.9,950.00

Bulbul Lawn by Saira Rizwan
Source: Saira Rizwan

Click to see Saira Rizwan’s whole LAWN 2022 X ITTEHAD Collection

Rizwan made her bridal Couture debut in 2012 during Bridal Couture Week. Her Mesmerizing collection “Jehan” left a clear mark on the fashion industry of Pakistan, and many of her followers follow her fashion sense. Since then, she has been a permanent part of the event.

Jehan by saira rizwan
Source: Saira Rizwan
Jehan by saira rizwan 1
Source: Saira Rizwan

Along with bridal wear, Saira Rizwan also specializes in designing luxury pret. Her unique style fuse with universal techniques and modern touch makes her work different from other designers.

Her diverse catalog of pret items includes sari, pesewas, lehenga choli, and other forms of traditional dresses. Also, she has been collaborating with Ittihad in their luxury lawn and winter collection for a couple of years.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz photo

Sana Safinaz is the epitome of women’s leadership and empowerment. Founded in 1989 by two fashion enthusiasts, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, in Karachi, the brand has completed more than three decades of pricing fashion and modernity to its valued customers.

Sana safinaz specializes in haute couture, unstitched and ready-to-wear clothes. Currently, the designers are also producing quality contemporary accessories for their customers.

Green ready to wear
Source: Sana Safinaz
Biege ready to wear
Source: Sana Safinaz

Mahay and Muzlin are the two most sold collections in the history of Pakistan’s lawn by Sana Safinaz. Unlike many brands, they keep the price range of their lawn fairy reasonable. In this way, customers from all the social classes can afford it. The brand operates more than thirty retail stores across Pakistan.

Mahay Collection by Sana Safinaz

Mahay by Sana Safinaz
Source: Sana Safinaz
Mahay by Sana Safinaz
Source: Sana Safinaz

Muzlin Collection by Sana Safinaz

Muzlin by Sana Safinaz-ImResizer
Source: Sana Safinaz
Muzlin Summer Volume 2-ImResizer
Source: Sana Safinaz

In addition, their bridal and couture collections are equally accepted and anticipated by the people of Pakistan.

Maria B

Maria B photo

The list of top Female fashion designers is incomplete without Maria B listing it. Ranging from luxury fabrics to essential collections for women, girls and kids, Maria B offers a wide variety of designs for every age group of women. Her modern, stylish designs reflect the true essence of eastern wear in Pakistan.

In unstitched articles, M. Prints, sateen, Linen, silk net, luxury lawn, Chiffon, and M. luxe fabrics are unmatchable. Her pret wear range for women and children is the epitome of grace and luxury of Pakistani fashion.

Last year, she successfully launched her signature accessories that add more value to this brand. Millions of people around the world admire her signature perfumes.
Maria B’s social media presence is outstanding. She regularly engaged with her viewers and clients through social media and shared clips, Videos, and visuals from her campaigns during shoots.

Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chottani

Zainab chottani started her fashion industry journey in 2010 in collaboration with iconic Fariha Altaf. Widely known for her bridal collection, the cottage debuted in casual ready-to-wear clothing in 2012. Currently, chottani has set a benchmark for luxury lawn collection.

Chottani is known for her attention to detail and commitment to delivering the best clothing experience for her customers. She alters the design according to the customers’ needs and provides bespoke dresses to her customers. For this reason, celebrities at many social gatherings mostly wear her label.

Another unique element of her exquisite fashion articles is the Swarovski line. Under this label, The embroidery details and Swarovski stones instead of the local ones make it extraordinary.

Shehla Chatoor

Shehla Chatoor

Shehla Chatoor is the finest example of being destined to be a designer. When she returned to Pakistan after Graduation, the chapter could not find the right clothes for herself. For this purpose, she started designing her clothes, including her wedding outfit.

Soon, people started recognizing her for her work, and she grabbed many orders from the people. Later, she adopted fashion designing as her profession, and since then, there has been no looking back!

She specializes in making traditional clothes with a contemporary finish. She uses other techniques of embroidery but fuses them with modern cuts. According to her philosophy, she aims to incorporate dresses into family heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to another and still work for them according to their own needs.

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