Bareeze Clothing Brand

In 1985, fashion designer Seema Aziz started a fashion line named Bareeze and now every Pakistani fashion lover knows the name. Its parent company is Sefam Pvt Limited. Bareeze is probably the first name that comes to mind when we think of something embroidered yet classy. Bareeze has its distinctive place when it comes to festive collections. Be it Eid or wedding shopping keeping in mind the season, whether you are getting married or any festival is approaching Breeze offers you the best. Breeze aimed to satisfy the fancy craving of Pakistani fashion lovers and provide them with the best formal wear for their every festivities. Bareeze has never compromised on comfort, the clothes are equally comfortable and classy. The owner Seema Aziz introduced the Swiss Lawn fabric in Pakistan, it was thought that the people of Pakistan won’t like that but now it is the most worn fabric in the summers.
Bareeze has 90 outlets in Pakistan and other countries Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. People around the world who love ethnic and cultural wear love Bareeze.

Brand: Bareeze

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Country: Pakistan

Launched: 1985

Parent Company: Sefam (Pvt.) Ltd

Bareeze offers you a wide range of clothing from daily wear and casuals to formal wear. For your casual shopping, they have an extensive range to select from in all the fabrics like Karandi, Lawn, Cotton, Chiffon, Cambric, and Irish. The casual wears are both available in printed and embroidered options. Their formal collection is the heart of every festival that comes in Chiffon, Net, Velvet, and Cotton so you can choose the best embroidered and embellished suit according to your choice and the season. Bareeze is also famous for its shawl collection which is so alluring and attractive that you will want to have a very single piece. The embroidery is so delicate and exquisite that every shawl has its charm. Bareeze men have the best collection of men’s wear, keeping in mind what Paksitani men want and what comfort and quality they deserve. Bareeze bridal bedsheets are every bride’s must-have and people trust them for their quality and class. Summing it up Bareeze has earned its place in the market and is worth every rupee you spend on buying anything from them.

Bareeze Collection

Bareeze’s Pick

  • Formals
  • Prints
  • Formals

Bareeze by Fabric

  • Karandi
  • Lawn
  • Cotton
  • Chiffon
  • Irish
  • Cambric
  • Linen

Bareeze Shawls

  • Winter Shawls
  • Summer Shawls
  • Fancy
  • Casual

Bareeze Man

  • Stitched
  • Unstitched

Bareeze Man

  • Spray Embroidered
  • Fully Embroidered
  • Simple Embroidered

Bareeze New In

  • Casuals
  • Formals
  • Prints
  • Shawls
  • Bottoms

Bareeze by Formals

  • By Fabric
  • Chiffon
  • Net
  • Velvet
  • Cotton

Bareeze Bottoms

  • Stitched
  • Unstitched

Bareeze by Category

  • Printed
  • Embroidered

Bareeze Print

  • Painted
  • Embroidered

Bareeze Collection

  • Winter Unstitched
  • Unstitched Embroidered
  • Tops
  • Unstitched Trousers
  • Co-ord Sets
  • Summer Unstitched

Bareeze Man

  • Fine Count Cotton
  • Premium 365
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Pima Cotton
  • Jacquard
  • Special Cotton

Bareeze Boski Silk

Boski 6 Pound | Boski 8 Pound | Handmade Khaddar

Bareeze International

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Bareeze Winter Collection

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