All You Need To Know About SAYA’s Azadi Sale

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The season of sales is here and we have sales going on for almost every brand. SAYA made sure that they are not lagging in providing their customers with the best quality valuing their money. SAYA has an amazing sale of up to 50% going both online and in-stores. 

They have amazing discounts on unstitched men’s and women’s fabric, Ready to wear collection, bottoms, and their summer jacquard section. There are different categories to choose from and the clothes are categorized based on the discount they are having on them.

The unstitched section has three categories. One with 20% off on all 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece suits, the other has 30% off on all unstitched categories and there is the one with a 40% discount on them.

The ready-to-wear section has a flat 35% discount on it. The bottoms section has a 35% discount on stitched bottoms and 30% on unstitched ones. The men’s summer unstitched collection has a 20% discount. The summer jacquard section is also having a discount of up to0%. All these discounts make you want to buy every item in the store as the prices are very reasonable and the quality is supreme. So, if you haven’t visited them yet I bet you are missing out on some pretty cool stuff of the season. 

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